What is Linux-TKS?

TKS is a recursive acronym for “TKS Keeps Secrets”. It is usually pronounced the same as “ticks”.

Linux-TKS is a freedesktop.org Secrets API implementation for Linux. It aims to offer this implementation in a way agnostic to the desktop environment. It uses minimal dependencies and is written in Rust. It is typically used as a user-level systemd service.

How can I use it?

Please follow the installation instructions to install Linux-TKS.

Why should I use it?

TKS has a few advantages over other secrets implementations:

  • It is designed to be desktop agnostic. It should work with any desktop environment, or even without a desktop environment. I personally use it with the i3 window manager.
  • It implements the freedesktop.org Secrets API, which is a standard for secrets management on Linux. This means that it should work with any application that uses this API.

How can I contribute?

Are you a developer, and do you have time to help? You can find the source code on GitHub. Take a look a the open issues and send-in your pull requests!

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